Dino Dragun


Dino Dragun was born on June 08. 1987. in the town of Vinkovci in the Republic of Croatia. He has a Master''s degree in 2011, in Geodesy and Geoinformatics and works as a Head of the hydrographic department in the MIG d.o.o. company in Slavonski Brod, Republic of Croatia. In May 2015, he moved to GEOxyz in Belgium where he has continued his career as a Hydrographic Surveyor/Party Chief on the various project around the Europe.

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Role of hydrographic survey in morphological monitoring and flood forecasting

Increasing occurrence of floods clearly indicates the importance of improving the morphological monitoring and flood forecasting system. Hydrographic survey results as an integral part of this system, is basis for creation of digital mathematical model in flood forecasting. Survey itself should be done periodically in order to keep the model updated and accurate. Various survey methods could be included in the hydrographic survey process.