Dr Annie Ockelford

British Society for Geomorphology

Dr Ockleford is Chair of Outreach for the British Society for Geomorphology, which involves improving the public understanding of geomorphology and its relevance to society as well as working closely with industry representatives to facilitate knowledge transfer between industry and academia. She is a Lecturer in Fluvial Geomorphology at the University of Brighton, and her research interests are unsteady flows and the impacts these have on sediment transport through river systems. Her PhD at the University of Glasgow investigated the effects that prolonged periods of low flow have on river bed stability. As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Loughborough University she worked on hydrograph impacts on gravel bed stability and structure, before working at the University of Hull on the morphological evolution of sand beds in response to differing hydrographs - this included some time spent on the Mississippi monitoring bedform change to different flow periods.

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Importance of Geomorphology in understanding and managing flood risk

This seminar will use examples to highlight the importance that an understanding of geomorphology has in managing current and future flood risk and water quality. Examples will include (i) monitoring geomorphology on major rivers e.g. the Mississippi to help predict flood risk (ii) showing how an understanding geomorphological processes can aid successful river restoration to reduce flood risk (iii) showing how biota interact with river processes to affect water quality