Dr Christopher Skinner

British Society for Geomorphology

Dr Skinner is the Press Officer for the British Society for Geomorphology, and sits on the Outreach sub-Committee, which involves improving the public understanding of geomorphology and its relevance to society as well as working closely with industry representatives to facilitate knowledge transfer between industry and academia. He is a Research Fellow at the Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull, and specialises in the numerical modelling of the impacts of geomorphology on evolving flood risk. His Fellowship will combine physical and numerical experiments to better understand geomorphic processes and models with the aim of producing an operational geomorphic model suitable for flood risk forecasting.

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Geomorphology and its role in evolving flood risk

This seminar will look at geomorphology and its role in developing landscapes over different timescales, and also look more closely at the role of geomorphic processes in evolving flood risks – with both the frequency and magnitude of flood events predicted to increase, what will the consequential impacts be on these processes, and how might accounting for these alter our predictions of future flood risk?