Dr Duncan Huggett MCIWEM

Environment Agency

Duncan worked for the RSPB for 14 years, developing and promoting policy on a range of coastal related issues including inshore fisheries, flood and coastal risk management, ports development and coastal integrated transport systems. He specialised in designated site safeguard law and was involved in reform of the Wildlife & Countryside Act in 2000, the Government Review of Marine Nature Conservation and the OSPAR Convention. In 2004, he moved to the Environment Agency, specialising on environmental outcomes and benefits. He currently focusses on the achievement of multiple benefits through the development of integrated flood risk management programmes and projects. He has a front line flood incident management role as a flood monitoring and forecasting duty officer. He recently moved to a smallholding in Norfolk.

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Natural Flood management: realising the potential

This seminar will outline the Environment Agency’s position on natural flood management. It will look at the potential of natural approaches (e.g. woodland management, flood plain storage) to help manage and reduce flood risk. Using some recent examples of natural flood management in action, it will look at what makes a successful scheme, as well as some of the challenges we still need to tackle.