Dr Paul Webster

Hydro International Ltd

Paul is a hydrologist with 35 years’ experience. He is uniquely placed to speak on flooding based on his international experience as a consultant, his teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level and his management of a University flood research group. His work experience covers flood monitoring, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, flood risk assessments, flood surveys and expert witness duties. He is the leading hydrologist in the Hydro-Logic Group and provides input to a wide range of consultancy projects.

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The benefits of community-based flood warning systems

Over 700 flood warning systems have been installed by Hydro-Logic Services to support communities and local authorities at risk from flooding. The seminar will describe the typical installations and discuss the circumstances in which they can provide a real benefit to those at risk. It will also discuss how the data collected by these systems helps with understanding flood mechanisms and provides test data for flood forecasting models.