Dr Richard Benwell & Katie Spooner

WWT and BiTC

Dr Richard Benwell is Head of Government Affairs at WWT and a board member at Westmill Solar Cooperative. Previously, he was Parliamentary Programme Manager at the RSPB and a Clerk for the Home Affairs Select Committee and the Energy and Climate Change Committee.
Katie Spooner has over 10 years’ experience of working in water working in a range of global contexts from Africa to Australia and now back in the UK. She has worked on water issues from the provision of water for basic needs to managing conservation threats along the Mekong and the Yangtze. Katie has a Masters degree in Water Resource Management from the University of Queensland and most recently chaired the UK Water Network. Katie is currently Head of Water with Business in the Community (BITC), supporting companies to improve water management in their direct business and within their supply chains.

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A SuDS retrofit programme for school in Greater Manchester

This year BITC & WWT worked together on a feasibility study looking the benefits of retrofitting sustainable urban drainage systems in schools across Greater Manchester. The results show that retrofitting SuDS can be very cost-effective, with short pay-back periods. At a programmatic level the costs of investment could be recovered within 3-5 years and would deliver benefits to health, education, property value and other social benefits to a value of up to £65million over a 10 years. BITC and WWT will present this case study, discuss the models they developed and used and share next steps for the programme.