Espen Ostbye-Strom

Floodline Consulting Ltd

Floodline is a specialist property services company taking a sustainable approach to developing in areas at risk of flooding such as floodplains, lakes, rivers, canals, dock areas and marinas.

Espen has for the last decade been one of the pioneers behind the drive to make flood resilient structures a "standardised" product in the UK. He has worked extensively with the mortgage, insurance and warranty industries in developing normal high-street finance packages for flood-resilient homes.

Espen has a unique experience in how to successfully gain planning approval and implement development on floodplain and water-spaces by promoting flood resilient and floating technologies.

Pioneering the use of flood resilient structures in the UK, his focus is on the financial and operational aspects of the development opportunities.

Espen has a great expertise in creating and delivering property funds and Joint Ventures as well as equity and debt raising for property and other commercial ventures.

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Flood Alleviation and development - utilising Can-Float buildings

Floodline only look to develop where flood management systems can be improved whilst enabling a successful development programme. There are significant areas of land that at present have been incapable of successful development. Floodline Developments Ltd has responded to this demand and offers an innovative approach to identify development solutions in these difficult areas, creating future proof developments as well as decreasing risk to existing communities.