Frazer Rhodes

Environment Agency

Frazer Rhodes – Acting Service Owner – Flood Information Service (GOV.UK).
Frazer has 17 years’ experience in flood warning and incident management fields starting with the Environment Agency just prior to the floods of 2000. Previous projects include the development of a targeted based flood warning system for utility operators, opening up flood data for commercial re-use and more recently as open data. Leading the introduction of a number of digital improvements as Flood Digital Programme Manager in 2012 and more recently working with mobile network operators to add over 600,000 numbers to the flood warning system on an opt-out basis. Frazer’s current role is acting Service Owner for the Flood Information Service of GOV.UK which includes live services - flood warnings, river and sea levels and Long Term Flood Risk as well as a number of products in public and private beta (forecast levels online).

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Flood Digital - Putting Users First.

This presentation will include a summary of the Flood Information Service and the team developing, supporting and transforming the service. How we are listening to users, understanding their needs and what we have learned. The presentation will outline the service redesign based on these user needs together with the service roadmap plus describe opportunities where the audience can participate in shaping the flood digital products.