Frédéric Kravetz

FM Approvals

Frédéric Kravetz is a Business Development Engineer for FM Approvals in Europe.
Coming from the fire protection industry as a technical expert, working for more than 10 years for the international market, and now an engineer within FM Approvals, Frédéric’s role within FM Approvals goes beyond the fire protection activity as he is also responsible in developing the awareness of the ANSI/FM2510 standard and increase the availability of FM approved flood abatement systems in Europe.

Based in Paris he develops and enhances relationships with local manufacturers in Europe. Further responsibilities are auditing of manufacturer’s quality assurance systems, test witnessing and standard committee work. Frédéric is continuously seeking new reliable solutions within the European market to mitigate the consequences of floods.

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The ANSI/FM 2510 Flood Mitigation Equipment Standard

Natural hazards, including flooding, continue to be the leading cause of commercial and industrial property damage worldwide. FM Approvals, working together with the Association of State Floodplain Managers and the US Army Corps of Engineers have developed a Test Programme which led to the ANSI/ FM2510 Standard. The intent of the presentation is to illustrate the rigorous program of actual testing conducted by FM Approvals.