Geoff Green

FloodKit Ltd

Dismayed at the high cost typically quoted to protect a home from flooding, Geoff become involved in the Flood Protection market in 2013. He and fellow FloodKit Director, Hugh Mathew, a Management Consultant with civil engineering experience, engaged with a top technical University and leading Multi-national organisations to develop, refine and bring to market a comprehensive collection of low cost, effective solutions for property level protection. Mindful of the need for proper accreditation, they have sought – and obtained - BSI approval for the products which now carry the universally respected “Kitemark”.

The range of products is the subject of many patent applications which can only encourage similar development and competition to ensure that even the most disadvantaged members of our society will be able to afford effective flood protection in the future.

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Emergency protection - Effective Low Cost Kitemarked solutions or outdated Sandbags

For years, local authorities and other government agencies have been the first port of call for householders facing the threat of flooding - with requests for sandbags. The Pitt report from 2007 stated “sandbags do not keep out water" yet 10 years later they are still being issued when effective, Kitemarked products are available that are easier to handle, issue and dispose of and, most importantly, are no more expensive.