John Butterworth

Gripple Ltd

Now working in the Gripple Civil Construction team, John started out as a Metallurgist after gaining his Masters in Materials Engineering. These skills have been transferred and John has built up a wide experience in earth anchoring.
Working on sites all over the world, John has worked with leading consultants and contractors. Experience in all aspects of ground armouring, from design to installation in a variety of applications; including erosion control and Levee armouring, John is working with leading companies to build better more natural defences.

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Armouring nature: erosion control and protection of water assets through proper fixing of geosynthetics.

A look at the increasing use of permanent vegetated armouring materials, their applications and benefits. How this has become an adopted engineering solution in the United States in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and why. Looking in detail how they can be used in many water management applications from erosion protection to enhanced flood controls.