Jonathan Crook

Stonehaven Technology

Jonathan is the Founder of Stonehaven Technology, which develops enterprise software applications. Under Jonathan’s leadership, Stonehaven have won one national technology competition and been finalists in another. Jonathan has an MBA from Ashridge Hult Business School, an MSc in Risk and Crisis Management, an MSc in Strategic Studies and a BA (Hons) in International Relations and Strategic Studies. In the past few years, with Stonehaven, Jonathan has delivered IT projects in a variety of countries, to clients in different sectors. Jonathan is a former British Army Officer and deployed on operations all over the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Jonathan has also written and had published two books on Napoleonic History.

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What users want from Flood Risk Management Software

Following the disastrous floods of Winter 2015/16, Stonehaven won a contract to develop an enterprise flood risk management application with a national retailer. Comprehensive research of available data sources, understanding organisational culture and management expectations, plus hard won experience of managing preparation for and responses to flood events has given Jonathan substantial insight into what organisations want flood risk management software to do and what practically can be achieved.