Mark Dutton and Michael Pollock


Mark Dutton has been at EML since 1996. Mark has a BSc in Optoelectronics and a Masters degree with distinction in Microelectronics. For over 20 years he has project managed, installed, designed and maintained a multitude of Hydro-Met Systems. He has also been a member of WMO Expert Teams and is currently the Newsletter Editor for the Royal Met Society Group, Meteorological Observing Systems. In 2010 he became the Managing Director at EML.
Michael Pollock has been at EML since 2012. A qualified Hydrologist with both a Bachelor and Masters degree in the subject. Michael is currently studying for a PhD at Newcastle University. He is an active member of the British Hydrology Society and has completed extensive field research and contributed to several articles on wind induced errors in rainfall measurements. Mark and Michael with their electronics and hydrology knowledge to strive towards accurate and precise rainfall data.

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Wind induced undercatch on rainfall measurements: implications on flood forecasting

Rainfall measurements are currently prone to substantial undercatch due to wind related errors. As the wind approaches the rim of the rain gauge it accelerates, as a result it removes a percentage (as much as 20%) of the rainfall that would have been collected in the device. Rainfall is the critical component of the hydrological cycle. When inaccurately measured water balance and flood warnings are all subject to error.