Mark Fuller

London Waterproofing Solutions Ltd

Mark Fuller CSSW is a fully qualified structural waterproofing surveyor at London Waterproofing Solutions Ltd and has been involved with the design and build of new basements, and conversions of existing below ground structures into habitable areas. Mark has a deep knowledge and understanding of the current regulations and design criteria to ensure that the prevention of water ingress can be factored in at the design stage of any conversion.

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Structural waterproofing to new or existing below ground structures

We will discuss the methods of flood protection to new build and existing basements and the implications within BS.8102:2009. We will cover various waterproofing systems which will include Type A (barrier) protection, and Type C (drained) protection. This presentation should provide a basic understanding of dealing with water from the ground at the design stage thereby allowing a safer and more durable solution to internal flood control.