Mark Wilkinson


Mark is a catchment hydrologist at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. The current focus of his work is designing and investigating the impact of natural flood management with the main aim to reduce and attenuate flood peaks. He is also interested in the multi-purpose benefits associated with these measures (such as for water quality) using an integrated catchment management approach, as well as in the barriers to uptake of NFM. Mark is currently coordinating research that will provide scientific evidence to inform the Scottish Government''s Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division on mitigating and adapting to flood risk using NFM techniques. He has worked on a wide variety of case study examples throughout Scotland and Northern England.

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Holding Water: Using Natural Flood Management to Mitigate Flood risk

Natural Flood Management (NFM) is promoted as a method that can reduce flood risk by the alteration, restoration or use of landscape features. Based on integrated monitoring and modelling studies in Scotland and N England, this seminar will demonstrate the potential to manage runoff locally using NFM by targeting flow pathways and exploiting floodplains and riparian zones. This information is helping to inform optimal design and location of measures.