Martin Lambley


Martin Lambley is UK Product Manager for Below Ground Plastics with Wavin, a leading European manaufacturer of drainage products. After graduating in Environmental Engineering from the University of Nottingham he spent time working in consultancy before moving over to product sales and then latterly marketing. Much of his commercial career has been spent in the development of products allied to the control of stormwater including geosynthetics and more recently drainage products. He has worked extensively with leading organisations like CIRIA on the development of many of the current best practice documents that have been widely adopted by the construction industry.

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The use of plastic geocellular structures in flood prevention

Geocell modular plastic units have been used for stormwater management throughout Europe since the 1980’s. They are used to form underground structures which manage stormwater; either allowing it to infiltrate back into the surrounding ground, or by attenuating it and then releasing a controlled rate into the existing drainage network. This presentation takes a closer look at geocells and how they can help manage flood risk as part of good SuDS design.