Michael Thorogood

Eadon Consulting

Michael Thorogood is a founder and co-director of Eadon Consulting Ltd. With almost 20 years’ experience within the sector since graduating from Sheffield University, Michael has worked in the UK and overseas on a variety of high profile and bespoke engineering projects. A fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, he is the author of several published papers and industry presentations and will this year be presenting at the Flood Expo.

Eadon Consulting is an engineering design consultancy with cross sector expertise and a depth and breadth of innovative design and analysis knowledge. The company have worked on many flood and coastal projects around the UK with Michael most recently leading the structural and mechanical design team for the machine that helped build the widely acknowledged costal defence project at Sandsend, North Yorkshire. He has also overseen a wide range of flood gate projects and has worked with many high profile clients including Rolls Royce and The environment agency. His unparalleled experience within the moving structure sector has propelled him to be recognised as an industry expert and sought after speaker.

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