Mike Mulvihill

Neptune Solutions Global Ltd

Mike Mulvihill founded Neptune Solutions in March 2014. When Mike saw the devastating results of the tsunami that hit Thailand back in 2004, he believed that there was another way to protect communities from flooding without the big expense. Mike has 25 years’ hands on experience in the construction sector, his specialty included building designs, retaining walls, facade, propping and needling. Mike worked closely with main contractors in the UK & Ireland. Mike has used this experience to develop a flood defence, which could prove to be revolutionary to flood defence.

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Can everyone be protected from floods without using concrete?

Neptune Solutions Global has developed a flood defence barrier that can be placed on any terrain, including mud and sand, without the use of concrete or significant ground preparation. This presentation will delve into the workings of the system and how it can protect any area against floods up to 4.5m high.