Oliver Forster

The Karakoram Anomaly Project

Oliver Forster has taken part in a number of expeditions combining science with exploration and development in the Himalayas. In 2013 he studied the role of glacial lake outburst floods in flooding events in the Ladakh range of the Indian Himalaya, before turning his focus to the mighty Karakoram mountains of Pakistan in 2015. Along with his colleague Sergiu Jiduc, Oliver conceived and executed the Karakoram Anomaly Project. Backed by the Royal Geographical Society, the Project involved two months living on a glacier in the remote Shimshal Valley to investigate and communicate the risk of glacial lake outburst flooding.

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Exploring Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in The Karakoram Mountains

In the summer of 2015 The Karakoram Anomaly Project investigated one of the least understood natural hazards on the planet, and helped to protect the people whose lives are under threat…