Phil Lake and Beth Healey

Lakeside Flood Solutions

Phil Lake, Managing Director
Phil, a former police officer, formed the company in 1988 and, therefore, benefits from 28 years’ experience in manufacturing and installation services in the UK door and security industry.

Phil is well-known and respected in the industry nationwide and personally prides himself on Lakeside’s established reputation and high standards for both product quality and customer service.

Beth Healey, Sales & Marketing Director
Beth joined Lakeside in 2014 in order to lead the growth of our Flood Protection division and all marketing activities.

Beth is passionate about driving forward the UK standard for flood protection and, notably, addressing the very low current British standard.

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The low standard of flood barriers in the UK Flooding causes devastation so selecting a product that works is essential

Property owners are coming to terms with the fact that they must invest in flood protection and a ‘kitemarked’ flood barrier, having met the industry standard, ought to give them that peace of mind. But does it? Lakeside Flood Solutions have been established for 28 years in the UK door and security industry and pride themselves on their high product quality and installation services. We only recommend and install products of a high standard which we know will work; an ethical stance which, unfortunately, is not always dominant in the industry. Most notably, we want to help bring to light the extremely low British standard for flood barriers and the subsequent scandalous prevalence of sub-standard products in the industry. This is evidently extremely concerning given the significant level of government funding being spent on flood protection.