Professor Lindsey McEwen


Lindsey McEwen is Professor of Environmental Management and Director of the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience (CFCR), University of the West of England, Bristol (

Over 30 years, her research interests have included: flood/drought risk management, water risk education, science communication and community-based research/learning. Lindsey led the ESRC funded Sustainable Flood Memories project (2011-2015; which researched the creative, mediated and archival methods used by communities prone to environmental crises to share local knowledge and promote resilience. She was co-investigator in the EPSRC SESAME project (2012-2016; which explored how small businesses can become more flood resilient (see e-tool:

Lindsey is currently leading the NERC DRY project (Drought Risk and You; 2014-2018;, which is evaluating how science-narrative approaches can be used in developing an evidence-base to support UK drought risk decision-making. This involves multi-stakeholder engagement with the flood-drought continuum, as key concept in catchment thinking and risk management.

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Promoting flood resilience within UK small businesses

This seminar shares research critically evaluating knowledge networks that inform small businesses in their decision-making about whether or not to adapt to floods (including physical, psychological, behavioural adaptation). It reports on key findings from narrative interviews with business people with flood experience in four case-study settings (SW, South-Central, N and NE England). It then provides insights from follow-on development/ evaluation of a prototype web-based learning tool to promote business resilience(