Rhiannon Clancy

Environment Agency

Rhiannon Clancy has over 15 years’ experience communicating and engaging with public and businesses on behalf of public sector and private organisations.

In her current role, Rhiannon is the national lead for Flood Risk Management engagement. With her team, she provides strategic leadership and support to national and area Environment Agency FCRM teams as they engage with communities and partners to manage flood risk.
For four years previously, Rhiannon delivered the national flood awareness campaign for the Environment Agency. Her achievements include: using behavioural insights to develop the flood awareness campaign; creating a new brand identity for flood risk; pioneering a partnership approach to communicating flood risk messages working with public and private organisations; establishing the Environment Agency’s national incident management communications strategy.

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Communicating and engaging with people and communities to manage flood risk

How can we persuade people to accept their flood risk and more importantly encourage them to take action to manage that risk? This seminar will summarise the latest research into communicating and engaging the public at risk of flooding and explore techniques and approaches we can use to encourage flood action.