Ross Woods

University of Bristol

Ross Woods is a Reader in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Bristol. In 2013, he moved to Bristol from New Zealand, where he had more than 25 years’ experience in flood estimation, flood forecasting, and assessment of the impacts on floods of climate change and land use change. He led numerous multi-agency research and consulting projects on floods and many other aspects of catchment hydrology scale (total £5M). He has published more than 60 research papers on hydrology using a mix of field measurements, simulation modelling and theoretical developments. At Bristol, Ross is Programme Director for the MSc in Water and Environmental Management. His current research focusses on the use of classification and similarity techniques for regional and global hydrological processes, especially in ungauged catchments.

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A Fresh Start for Design Flood Estimation in Ungauged Catchments

Current design flood estimates for ungauged catchments are unreliable; we need better methods! The standard methods can often be wrong by a factor of two; under-design causes excessive flood damage costs, while over-design leads to unnecessary capital investment in flood protection. This presentation will suggest how we can improve flood estimation, combining classic and modern flood analysis concepts with an understanding of flood processes, using both UK and international examples.