Sarah Marriott

Flood Advisory Service

With a strong commercial background holding roles with a variety of major consumer-led service businesses, Sarah has been at the forefront of the UK flood sector since 2007, championing the cause for sustainable, passive flood defence. As former M.D. and C.O.O. of the country’s leading PLP provider, Sarah has spent much of her career designing, developing and delivering successful PLP schemes throughout the UK. Her experience operating “at the coal face” is unrivalled, and has honed a unique set of skills in collaborating with communities with professionalism, sensitivity and empathy.

Using this experience as a springboard to a more direct consumer-facing role, Sarah launched the Flood Advisory Service as a not for profit advice hub in 2015. Since the launch Sarah has devoted her time to improving the customer experience and encouraging other stakeholders to “walk in the shoes” of flood victims, whilst ensuring that on a practical level local communities receive unbiased advice on both property level resistance and resilience.

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The past twelve months …. a reflection on community engagement

Alarming statistics continue to underpin the flood risk that we all face as a society. Whether it is the wettest winter on record, or the highest level of rainfall recorded, we are confronted with constant reminders of the worsening picture of flooding in the UK. Grass roots communication with the public is vital to managing flood risk, and the Flood Advisory Service will cover this perspective in its seminar.