Sergiu Jiduc

The Karakoram Anomaly Project

Sergiu Jiduc is an explorer, science communicator, and mountaineer. Sergiu has lead over a dozen expeditions across four continents. His focus is on projects which tackle the great nexus of sustainability – food, water, energy. Sergiu has studied glacial lake outburst flooding in a number of mountain ranges, from The Andes as a National geographic Young Explorer in 2012 to the Himalayas in 2013. Along with Oliver Forster, Sergiu lead the Karakoram Anomaly Project in 2015, which set out to quantify the threat of glacial lake outburst flooding in Shimshal Valley in Pakistan. Sergiu is currently developing the Arahant Project in Ladakh, which will use geothermal energy for hydroponic farming systems. See for more.

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Exploring Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in The Karakoram Mountains

In the summer of 2015 The Karakoram Anomaly Project investigated one of the least understood natural hazards on the planet, and helped to protect the people whose lives are under threat…