Simon Crowther

Flood Protection Solutions

The flooding of Simon''s house in 2007 kick-started his interest in flooding.

Simon has the practical experience of being flooded in 2007, along with defending his home from flooding in 2012. He also completed a Civil Engineering Degree at the University of Nottingham, a world top 1% University and his dissertation was on ''The Effect of Rising Sea Levels on the UK. Simon is a regular contributor to various news outlets and publications about flooding – including Sky News.

Simon was a finalist in the Business Green Leaders Awards in 2016, and was voted as a Top 100 Real Leader in the World by

His vison is for a safer, better connected world, using technology and engineering to our advantage whilst respecting the environment. He actively looks to help residents, businesses and councils improve their response to emergency flood situations, thus helping reduce the damage that flooding causes.

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2007 – 2017, What has Changed in 10 Years?

Simon was flooded in 2007 and has been passionate about helping others ever since. In 2012 his family home was successfully defended by a Water-Gate barrier - avoiding the upheaval, expense and stress that flooding causes. This seminar takes a look at what changes there have been since 2007; focussing particularly on technological advances.