Stuart Goodall


STUART GOODALL is Chief Executive of Confor which works with forestry, wood-processing and related businesses. Stuart has over 29 years’ experience in the sector, the first 17 with the Forestry Commission where his roles included briefing ministers and representing UK interests at European level. He joined Confor at its inception as head of policy and became CEO in 2007. Stuart has advised the UK government on forestry policy as well as the World Bank, and provided consultancy services in China, Japan, Hungary and Latvia.

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Natural flood management and the role of trees

Scientific evidence gathered over many years and from a wide range of sources supports the view that tree-planting in upland areas can help reduce flood risks as part of a broader package of natural flood management measures. Such tree planting can also provide benefits for carbon sequestration, wildlife and local employment. This presentation will set out the latest information available on the role of tree planting in mitigating flooding.