Teresa Fenn

Risk & Policy Analysts Limited

Teresa Fenn has worked at Risk & Policy Analysts for more than 19 years. She spends most of her time developing and applying economic appraisal methodologies, always looking for ways to bring more of the economic, social and environmental benefits into decision-making. She assisted the Environment Agency with development of the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Appraisal Guidance in 2010 and before that with the Benefits Assessment Guidance in 2003, as well as developing and applying approaches used for water quality, water resources, flood and coastal erosion risk, renewable energy, and marine pollution. She strongly believes that economic appraisals should be comprehensive and look to include as many of the benefits as possible: direct, indirect and induced. Such approaches can not only help decision-makers make better decisions, they can also result in better options that deliver more and wider benefits.

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Using potential benefits to drive and fund risk management

Looking towards the future there is potential to use benefits to drive and fund flood and coastal risk management, creating more resilient and holistic approaches. This presentation will look at the use of innovative approaches such as green infrastructure, natural flood management measures, and coastal adaptation, and how the inclusion of more of the economic, social and environmental benefits can help identify who might fund such approaches.