Theatre Hall 5

Below is The Flood Expo 2017 schedule – Line-up for 2018 will be released soon...

Theatre Hall 5

Wednesday 27th September

Thursday 28th September


11.15 - 11.45

Joel Zimelstern

Flood claims - an opportunity to ‘wow’ customers

When the floods occurred so many had to place their trust in all involved in the insurance industry. Too many of those involved were more concerned with their processes and maximising profits at the expense of the victims. Many lessons are to be learned to improve the experience of claimants


12.00 - 12.30

John Alexander

Steering the flood market toward resilient repairs

The flood market is moving towards flood resilient repair. John Alexander draws on his broad experience from the flood control industry to discuss the importance of setting standards and a code of practice that can ensure the industry can meet the capacity and practical demands and decrease the length of disruption to flooded homeowners, businesses and the wider communities.


12.45 - 13.15

Dr Richard Benwell & Katie Spooner

A SuDS retrofit programme for school in Greater Manchester

This year BITC & WWT worked together on a feasibility study looking the benefits of retrofitting sustainable urban drainage systems in schools across Greater Manchester. The results show that retrofitting SuDS can be very cost-effective, with short pay-back periods. At a programmatic level the costs of investment could be recovered within 3-5 years and would deliver benefits to health, education, property value and other social benefits to a value of up to £65million over a 10 years. BITC and WWT will present this case study, discuss the models they developed and used and share next steps for the programme.


13.30 - 14.00

Dr David M Lloyd

Strategic Partnership Works! A Case Study…..

An interesting case study of a scheme in Barnstaple where, through an innovative strategic partnership approach with the Environment Agency, regeneration development was enabled whilst also facilitating significant flood risk mitigation to the wider area. (Co-author: Simon Dart, Environment Agency)


14.15 - 14.45

Terry Fuller

Let’s not make matters worse

This seminar will consider how the UK can secure essential development of housing and other infrastructure whilst managing flood risk in the immediate term and for future generations. To do this we must apply the ingenuity of many professional disciplines and sectors and in so doing we can deliver multiple benefits. This will include lessons from practices overseas and opportunity to transfer services from the UK to around the world.


15.00 - 15.30

Britt Warg

A National 'Flood Brigade': What is it & Why do We Need it?

With flooding becoming more and more frequent, we should make more use of local volunteers. Local people know their area, where vulnerable people live, where it usually floods, which roads to avoid etc. People want to help. It’s just a case of getting organised, across the country. We need their knowledge – and hands on deck – for a speedier response, using effective temporary flood protection, from local depots.


15.45 - 16.15

Jerzy Pietrucha

Innovations in Flood Prevention, Flood Prev As Ppp Project

Mr. Pietrucha would like to present a case study on the development of new solutions in flood-prevention. He will present two such solutions: the patented SuperLock composite sheet piling – combining the parameters of steel piling with all the advantages of PVC. The second solution is also developed by our engineers and it refers to how we could provide specialized solutions to tackle the hydrological problems in forest ecosystems (preventing drafts and floods).